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Genomics and the origin of species
Speciation is a fundamental evolutionary process, the knowledge of which is crucial for understanding the origins of biodiversity. Genomic approaches are an increasingly important aspect of thisExpand
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The genomics of speciation-with-gene-flow.
The emerging field of speciation genomics is advancing our understanding of the evolution of reproductive isolation from the individual gene to a whole-genome perspective. In this new view it isExpand
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Host fidelity is an effective premating barrier between sympatric races of the apple maggot fly.
Models of sympatric speciation for phytophagous insects posit a central role for host plant-associated mating as a premating isolating mechanism in lieu of geographic barriers to gene flow. Here, byExpand
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Sympatric speciation in phytophagous insects: moving beyond controversy?
Sympatric speciation is the splitting of one evolutionary lineage into two without the occurrence of geographic isolation. The concept has been intimately tied to entomology since the 1860s, whenExpand
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Widespread genomic divergence during sympatric speciation
Speciation with gene flow is expected to generate a heterogeneous pattern of genomic differentiation. The few genes under or physically linked to loci experiencing strong disruptive selection canExpand
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Establishment of new mutations under divergence and genome hitchhiking
Theoretical models addressing genome-wide patterns of divergence during speciation are needed to help us understand the evolutionary processes generating empirical patterns. Here, we examine aExpand
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Allopatric genetic origins for sympatric host-plant shifts and race formation in Rhagoletis
Tephritid fruit flies belonging to the Rhagoletis pomonella sibling species complex are controversial because they have been proposed to diverge in sympatry (in the absence of geographic isolation)Expand
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The efficacy of divergence hitchhiking in generating genomic islands during ecological speciation.
  • J. Feder, P. Nosil
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Evolution; international journal of organic…
  • 1 June 2010
Genes under divergent selection flow less readily between populations than other loci. This observation has led to verbal "divergence hitchhiking" models of speciation in which decreasedExpand
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Genes under divergent selection flow less readily between populations than other loci. This observation has led to verbal “divergence hitchhiking” models of speciation in which decreasedExpand
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Sequential Sympatric Speciation Across Trophic Levels
A major cause for biodiversity may be biodiversity itself. As new species form, they may create new niches for others to exploit, potentially catalyzing a chain reaction of speciation events acrossExpand
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