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Case Study Research for Business
What Is Case Study Research? Philosophical Assumptions of Case Study Research Developing Your Case Study Research Strategy Access and Ethics in Case Study Research Data Collection Managing andExpand
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Convenience: a services perspective
This theoretical paper argues that the concept and construct of convenience is at the forefront of customer and user evaluation of service experiences and should play, therefore, a much more pivotalExpand
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Contact management and customer loyalty
This paper is concerned with examining how contact management influences customer loyalty in the retail banking industry. The concept of contact management is explored and developed with reference toExpand
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Customer retention in retail financial services: an employee perspective
This paper reports the findings of a survey of staff perceptions on how customers are being retained in two traditional financial service retailers. In spite of a frequent acknowledgement thatExpand
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Consumer responses to dissatisfaction with financial service providers: An exploration of why some stay while others switch
In spite of research suggesting that services elicit greater dissatisfaction than products, service dissatisfaction has been less widely researched than product dissatisfaction. Although responses toExpand
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Relationships and online consumer communities
A case study‐based analysis of three organizations that are supporting online community creation and development is used as the basis for grounded theory development. Expand
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Retaining customers in UK financial services: The retailers' tale
Retaining customers offers major benefits to retailers of financial services, such as improved customer profitability and lowered acquisition costs. In spite of the importance to the sector inExpand
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The influence of customer perceptions on financial performance in financial services
Purpose – The purpose of this study is to develop and empirically test a model examining the relationship between customer perceptions (product attributes, benefits, customer satisfaction, trust,Expand
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Selective demarketing
Selective demarketing is a strategic option for a firm to manage customers who are or are likely to be a poor fit with its offering. Research has investigated related areas such as customerExpand
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