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A Simple Mechanism for the Efficient Provision of Public Goods - Experimental Evidence
This paper presents an experimental examination of the Falkinger (1996) mechanism for overcoming the free-rider problem. The basic idea of the mechanism is that deviations from the mean contribution
Attention Economies
Limited Attention as a Scarce Resource in Information-Rich Economies
This article uses basic facts from the psychology of attention to show how the limited attention of consumers affects economic competition. The article determines endogenously whether an economy is
Rewards Versus Penalties: on a New Policy against Tax Evasion
The theoretical analysis of tax evasion has typically concentrated on the role of Abstract penalties and on the probability of being investigated and penalized. This article introduces into the
Qualifying Religion: The Role of Plural Identities for Educational Production
This paper examines the role of religious denomination for human capital formation. We employ a unique data set which covers, inter alia, information on numerous measures of school inputs in 169
Tax Evasion and Equity: A Theoretical Analysis
This paper analyzes the behavior of an expected-utility maximizing tax evader who is aware of the fact that he gets some benefit in exchange for the taxes. Within this framework, the equity argument