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DISORDERS OF BONE AND FRACTURE OF THE FEMORAL NECK: Evaluation of Computer Image Analysis in Diagnosis
The quantity of bone and osteoid has been measured in undecalcified sections of iliac-crest biopsy specimens taken from patients with fracture of the femoral neck. A control group of bone samples wasExpand
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Histologic changes following the grafting of connective tissue into human gingiva.
  • A. Edel, J. Faccini
  • Medicine
  • Oral surgery, oral medicine, and oral pathology
  • 1 February 1977
Grafting connective tissue from the palate to partial-thickness sites prepared in patients with an inadequate width of attached gingiva resulted in an increased width of keratinized mucosa. BiopsiesExpand
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Female adnexal tumour of probable Wolffian origin.
Two further cases of 'female adnexal tumour of probable Wolffian origin' are described Both were retroperitoneal and presented a unique histology of uniformly close-packed bland spaces. solidExpand
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Fluoride and bone
  • J. Faccini
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Calcified Tissue Research
  • 2005
Introduction The inorganic compounds of fluorine are widely distributed in nature; high concentrations are found in volcanic rock and, especially, in rock containing phosphates ; the erosion of theseExpand
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Effects on mice of numbers of animals per cage: an 18-month study (preliminary results).
Mice were housed 1, 2, 4, or 8 per cage for 18 months. The more densely housed groups showed markedly reduced food consumption, slightly decreased mean body weights, and a smaller variance of bodyExpand
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Spontaneous fibrous histiocytic neoplasms in rats.
A total of 85 spontaneous rat fibrohistiocytic tumours were evaluated histologically and assessed for the presence or absence of metastases. The overall incidence in controls from 2-yearExpand
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Fibrous dysplastic lesions of the jaws in Nigerians.
Abstract Seven cases of fibrous dysplastic lesions of the jaws in Nigerians are presented and the different types of lesions encountered are described. The clinical and histopathological significanceExpand
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Myxoma involving the soft tissues of the face.
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Oral manifestations of vitamin B12 deficiency.
  • J. Faccini
  • Medicine
  • The British journal of oral surgery
  • 1968
Summary Six cases of vitamin B12 deficiency presenting with a sore tongue are described. Only one of these had significant changes in the peripheral blood. The value of an assay of the serum vitaminExpand
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Effects of housing conditions on food intake, body weight and spontaneous lesions in mice. A review of the literature and results of an 18-month study.
Abstract Mice were housed in groups of one, two, four or eight/cage for 18 months. The more densely housed groups showed markedly reduced food consumption, slightly decreased mean body weights, and aExpand
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