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Nonaqueous cephalosporin suspension for parenteral administration: cefazolin sodium.
Kinetic studies on the stability of the drug as a function of temperature were conducted; it appears that the chemical stability in ethyl oleate at room temperature is adequate for a reasonable shelf life. Expand
Cinoxacin in female mongrel dogs: effect of urine pH on urinary drug excretion and correlation of in vitro characteristics of oral dosage forms with bioavailability.
Four aspects of the bioavailabilities of the oral preparations, peak plasma cinoxacin concentration, time of peak plasmacinox ACIN concentration, area under the plasma cInoxACin concentration-time curve, and urinary excretion of cinxacin, were determined and found to follow rank-order relationships with the characteristics of the same preparations in vitro. Expand
Liquid chromatographic analysis of enviradene, a new antiviral agent, in plasma and its application in bioavailability studies in the dog.
A rapid and specific high-performance liquid chromatographic (HPLC) assay has been developed for the determination of enviradene, 1, at concentrations of 2-5 ng/mL in plasma, which found the bioavailability of the drug in dogs was found to be increased by the concomitant administration of food. Expand