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Characterization and properties of nine human ovarian adenocarcinoma cell lines.
Four series of cell lines have been derived from patients with ovarian adenocarcinoma. Nine cell lines have been established at one from a solid metastasis. Six lines were derived from the ascites orExpand
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Immunological Aspects of Cancer Chemotherapy
The immune response may be related to cancer chemotherapy in several ways. First, the patient with advanced cancer may have depressed immunological responsiveness prior to commencement ofExpand
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WWOX: A candidate tumor suppressor gene involved in multiple tumor types
We previously reported the construction of a P1-derived artificial chromosome (PAC) contig encompassing a set of homozygous deletions of chromosome 16q23–24.1 found in primary ovarian tumor materialExpand
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The tumor-promoting actions of TNF-alpha involve TNFR1 and IL-17 in ovarian cancer in mice and humans.
Cytokines orchestrate the tumor-promoting interplay between malignant cells and the immune system. In many experimental and human cancers, the cytokine TNF-alpha is an important component of thisExpand
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Adjuvant interferon alpha 2b in high risk melanoma – the Scottish study
In 1989, the Scottish melanoma group initiated a randomized trial, comparing observation alone with 6 months' therapy with low dose interferon α (given subcutaneously 3 MU day–1, thrice weekly), forExpand
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A prognostic model for ovarian cancer
About 6000 women in the United Kingdom develop ovarian cancer each year and about two-thirds of the women will die from the disease. Establishing the prognosis of a woman with ovarian cancer is anExpand
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Enzymology of mitomycin C metabolic activation in tumour tissue: implications for enzyme-directed bioreductive drug development.
Mitomycin C (MMC) is the prototype bioreductive DNA alkylating agent. To exploit its unique properties and maximize patient responses, different therapeutic approaches have been investigated.Expand
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A 700-kb physical map of a region of 16q23.2 homozygously deleted in multiple cancers and spanning the common fragile site FRA16D.
We have identified a >600-kb region at 16q23.2 that is homozygously deleted from malignant ovarian ascites using representational difference analysis. Overlapping homozygous deletions were alsoExpand
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Intravesical Evans strain BCG therapy: quantitative immunohistochemical analysis of the immune response within the bladder wall.
Previous studies have demonstrated that is is the local immune response which is of importance for the anti-tumour activity of BCG therapy. We have investigated this by quantitativeExpand
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The molecular pharmacology of doxorubicin in vivo.
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