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Chemical and enzymic studies on the characterization of intermediates during the removal of the 14alpha-methyl group in cholesterol biosynthesis. The use of 32-functionalized lanostane derivatives.
By using cell-free preparations of rat liver it was shown that the removal of the 14alpha-methyl group (C-32) of steroids containing either a delta7(8) or a delta8(9) double bond is attendedExpand
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The laboratory preparation of p‐aminosalicylic acid from phenyl‐acetic acid
In the course of related preparative work on p-aminosalicylic acid derivatives, it was brought to our notice by certain workers on the bacteriological side that samples of the acid itself, obtainedExpand
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An improved synthesis of 13-epi-androstanes and of 13-epi-oestranes
Treatment of a 17-hydroxyimino-steroid with refluxing acetic anhydride and pyridine affords an equilibrium mixture of 13-epi-enimide and 13-epi-enamide. A free-radical mechanism is proposed. AcidicExpand
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The pathway for the removal of C-32 in cholesterol biosynthesis
It is shown that a Δ8(14)-sterol is not involved in cholesterol biosynthesis; the removal of C-32 in sterols containing a double bond at either Δ7(8) or Δ8(9) is attended exclusively with theExpand
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Isolation and some reactions of lanosterol. A synthesis of agnosterol.
A convenient and efficient method for the isolation of lanosterol from ‘isocholesterol’ is described. Some synthetic potentials of the intermediate dibromides are discussed and are illustrated by anExpand
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Photochemical transformations. Part XXV. The synthesis of cycloartenol
3β-Acetoxy- and 3β-benzoyloxy-lanost-24-en-11β-ol nitrites, readily available from lanosterol, on photolyis in the presence of iodine give 19-iodo-derivatives. By further transformations cycloartenolExpand
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The synthesis of some 32-functionalised lanostane derivatives.
Lanosterol has been converted into 3β-acetoxylanost-7-en-32-onitrile and thence into 3β-acetoxylanost-7-en-32-al and 3β,32-diacetoxylanost-7-ene. 3β-Acetoxy-11-oxolanost-8-en-32-onitrile and methylExpand
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