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Eucomis zambesiaca baker: Factors affecting in vitro bulblet induction
Abstract Eucomis species having considerable horticultural potential are used in African traditional medicine to treat various ailments. The effects of environmental and physiological parameters onExpand
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Isolation and Culture of Lichen Photobionts and Mycobionts
Lichens are dual organisms formed from a symbiotic association of a fungus, the mycobiont, and an alga and/or cyanobacterium, the photobiont, in which numerous photosynthetic cells are intertwined inExpand
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Effect of Seaweed Concentrate and Applied Hormones on In Vitro Cultured Tomato Roots
Summary Seaweed concentrate prepared from Ecklonia maxima stimulated the growth of in vitro cultured tomato roots. Both root extension and root elongation were significantly improved. This effectExpand
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Isolation of Colchicine from Sandersonia aurantiaca and Gloriosa superba. Variation in the Alkaloid Levels of Plants Grown in vivo
Summary Gloriosa and Sandersonia plants were analyzed to determine their endogenous colchicine levels and the seasonal variation in alkaloid concentrations. HPlC and GCMS analysis showed that bothExpand
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Antifungal, acetylcholinesterase inhibition, antioxidant and phytochemical properties of three Barleria species
Abstract This study was aimed at evaluating the antifungal, acetylcholinesterase inhibition and antioxidant activities of petroleum ether, dichloromethane, ethanol and methanol extracts fromExpand
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Antioxidant and phenolic acid profiles of tissue cultured and acclimatized Merwilla plumbea plantlets in relation to the applied cytokinins.
Merwilla plumbea (Lindl.) Speta is an important medicinal plant widely used in traditional medicine. We evaluated the effect of five cytokinins [benzyladenine (BA), 2-isopentenyladenine (2iP),Expand
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A comparison of the pharmacological properties of garden cultivated and muthi market-sold Bowiea volubilis
Abstract Biological activities of petroleum ether (PE), dichloromethane (DCM), 70% ethanol (EtOH) and water extracts of Botanical Garden-grown (BG) and muthi market-sourced (MM) Bowiea volubilisExpand
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Pharmacological properties of extracts from six South African medicinal plants used to treat sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and related infections
Abstract Sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including opportunistic infections associated with HIV/AIDS, are amongst the leading causes of death, especially in poor countries. Acetone, aqueous,Expand
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Larvicidal activity against Anopheles arabiensis of 10 South African plants that are traditionally used as mosquito repellents
Abstract Ethanol extracts of Aloe ferox , Atalaya alata , Balanites maughamii , Clausena anisata , Croton menyaarthii , Lippia javanica , Melia azedarach , Olax dissitiflora , Sclerocarya birrea andExpand
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A review on factors affecting the Agrobacterium-mediated genetic transformation in ornamental monocotyledonous geophytes
Abstract Genetic improvement of ornamental geophytes especially the monocotyledonous type; is often restricted by failure of Agrobacterium to reach competent cells as well as a lack of efficientExpand
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