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Wave Propagation in Structures
The present chapter is the culmination of the procedures developed thus far: It allows the analysis of complicated connected structures with complicated boundaries and discontinuities. Expand
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Wave Propagation in Structures: Spectral Analysis Using Fast Discrete Fourier Transforms
1 Spectral Analysis of Wave Motion.- 1.1 Continuous Fourier Transforms.- 1.2 Discrete Fourier Transform.- 1.3 Examples Using the FFT Algorithm.- 1.4 Experimental Aspects of Wave Signals.- 1.5Expand
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Thin Plates and Shells
The distribution of displacement and stress fields throughout a generally loaded structure is very complicated and only computational methods can give effective solutions. The key to the finiteExpand
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Modern Experimental Stress Analysis: Completing the Solution of Partially Specified Problems
Preface.Notation.Introduction.1 Finite Element Methods.1.1 Deformation and Strain.1.2 Tractions and Stresses.1.3 Governing Equations of Motion.1.4 Material Behavior.1.5 The Finite Element Method.1.6Expand
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Wave Propagation in Structures: An FFT-Based Spectral Analysis Methodology
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Nonlinear analysis of thin-walled structures : statics, dynamics, and stability
Chapter 1: Mechanics of Solids.- Chapter 2: Thin Plates and Shells.- Chapter 3: Nonlinear Static Analysis.- Chapter 4: Vibrations of Structures.- Chapter 5: Nonlinear Dynamics.- Chapter 6: StabilityExpand
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Fluid-structure interaction involving large deformations: 3D simulations and applications to biological systems
We combine an immersed-boundary flow solver with a nonlinear finite-element solid-mechanics solver specifically for three-dimensional FSI simulations. Expand
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Thrust performance of a flexible low-aspect-ratio pitching plate
We numerically investigate the hydrodynamic performance of an elastic plate of aspect ratio 0.54 and mass ratio 0.1 that pitches around its leading edge in a free stream at Reynolds number 640. It isExpand
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The Characterization of Boron/Aluminum Composite in the Nonlinear Range as an Orthotropic Elastic-Plastic Material
Off-axis uniaxial testing is used to characterize the nonlinear behavior of boron/ aluminum composite. An orthotropic elastic-plastic formulation is used.
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Dynamic pitching of an elastic rectangular wing in hovering motion
In order to study the role of the passive deformation in the aerodynamics of insect wings, we computationally model the three-dimensional fluid–structure interaction of an elastic rectangular wing atExpand
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