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Epidemiology of tuberculosis and leprosy, Sabah, Malaysia.
The objectives in this epidemiology review are to measure and report the extent of morbidity and mortality due to tuberculosis (TB), the proportion of new sputum smear positive cases in districts andExpand
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Risk factors of tuberculosis among health care workers in Sabah, Malaysia.
Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the main public health problems in Sabah; 30% of the total number of TB cases reported in Malaysia every year occur in Sabah. The average incidence of TB among health careExpand
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The First Outbreak of Autochthonous Zika Virus in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo
Background: Zika virus (ZIKV) infection is a public health concern. The first ZIKV outside Africa was detected in mosquito in Malaysia. More than six decades ago, serological surveys indicated theExpand
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High prevalence of pfcrt K76t mutants among Plasmodium falciparum isolates from Sabah, Malaysia.
Chloroquine (CQ) remains the first line drug for the prevention and treatment of malaria in Malaysia in spite of the fact that resistance to CQ has been observed in Malaysia since the 1960s.Expand
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Parasitic infections in Malaysian aborigines with pulmonary tuberculosis: a comparative cross-sectional study
The geographical distribution of tuberculosis (TB) overlaps with various parasitic infections. Uncovering the characteristics of coinfecting parasites that potentially affect the host susceptibilityExpand
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Development of an innovative method to enhance the detection of tuberculosis (TB) in Malaysia is the latest agenda of the Ministry of Health. Therefore, a geographical information system (GIS) basedExpand
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Mapping risk areas of tuberculosis using knowledge-driven GIS model in Shah Alam, Malaysia
The TB risk map and validation indicated a reasonable match with areas considered as potential TB risk areas, particularly in urban and crowded environments. Expand
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Socio-Environmental Factors and Tuberculosis: an Exploratory Spatial Analysis in Peninsular Malaysia
Spatial pattern of tuberculosis (TB) describes the environmental variation of the disease. Controlling the disease is not only depends on bio-medical method, but there is also a need to explicitlyExpand
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