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The Effect of Hypocapnia on Arterial Blood Pressure
In man, hypocapnia induced by hyperventilation causes a drop in arterial pressure. The calculated peripheral resistance is decreased, indicating a net vasodilatation. The forearm blood flow isExpand
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Circulatory Changes Produced by the Valsalva Maneuver in Normal Subjects, Patients with Mitral Stenosis, and Autonomic Nervous System Alterations
The cardiac output has been measured during the immediate post-Valsalva maneuver recovery period in normal subjects, patients with clinically significant mitral stenosis, and patients withExpand
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Treatment of postural hypotension with a counter-pressure garment.
• Two types of garments designed to apply counterpressure over the body from the waist down were tried in 10 patients with severe postural hypotension. In two cases the condition followed bilateralExpand
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Report of a case with orthostatic edema and hyperaldosteronism.
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Treatment of acute and chronic lead poisoning with disodium calcium versenate.
Excerpt Until recently the treatment of lead intoxication has been generally unsatisfactory. The rapid in vivo breakdown of citrate precludes its usefulness as a lead complexing agent.1BAL is also ...
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Hyperventilation in Postural Hypotension
In normal subjects hyperventilation causes a drop in arterial blood pressure, apparently because of the direct effect of hypocapnia on the peripheral vessels. In persons with disease of the autonomicExpand
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