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Seasonal Variation of Some Physical and Chemical Parameters of Luubara Creek, Ogoni Land, Niger Delta, Nigeria
The seasonal variation of some physical and chemical conditions in Luubara creek of Ogoni land in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria was studied for a period of two years (January, 2006 to December,Expand
Induced growth of phytoplankton using two fertilizers (NPK and agrolyser) under laboratory conditions
An investigation was carried out on the ability of two types of fertilizer; agrolyser micronutrient and NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium)-macronutrient in inducing phytoplankton growth forExpand
Nutritional changes in Traditionally Preserved Shellfishes from the Niger-Delta, Nigeria
Biochemical changes on shellfishes, periwinkles (Tympanotonus fuscatus), oysters (crassostrea gasar) whelk (Busycoa carium) and blue crabs (callinectes sapidns) traditionally preserved by boiling andExpand
Study of food habits of Goby, Porogobius schlegelii (Gunther, 1861) from Elechi creek, off Bonny River, Niger Delta, Nigeria
The study examines the food habits of goby, Porogobius schelgelii from the artisanal fisheries of the Bonny River in the Niger Delta. The results show that detritus, diatoms and blue-green algae areExpand
Fisheries of the Rivers State of Nigeria
Achieving the Millennium Development Goals through fisheries in Bayelsa State, Niger Delta, Nigeria (review article).
This paper reviews fisheries as an important tool in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) in Bayelsa State. Fisheries is recognized as a key instrument for increasing productivity,Expand
Seasonal abundance of epipelic algae and sediment parameters of Amadi-Ama Creek, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Amadi-Ama creek is located close to sources of wastes which are introduced into the creek thus altering the physico-chemical parameters and the aquatic biota of the creek due to variation in nutrientExpand
Preliminary survey of parasites of Clarias in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria
A total of 160 Clarias lazera were collected with line hood between April and June 1984 from the Niger Delta area and observed for the presence of parasites. The results revealed the presence ofExpand