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Theatricality: The Specificity of Theatrical Language
To define theatricality, or the specificity of the theater, is not only to attempt to define what distinguishes theater from other genres, but to define what distinguishes it from other kinds ofExpand
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Did you say ‘training’?
This article first appeared in French (2000). To avoid confusing readers of English, the French word entraînement (usually translated as ‘training’ in English) has been translated here asExpand
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A Mechanism of Action of Neurotransmitters on the Regeneration of the Planarian Worm Dugesia tigrina. Role of Acetylcholine as a Negative Feed‐back
By means of histochemical and pharmacological analysis it is shown that acetylcholine has an inhibitive effect on regeneration in the planaria Dugesia tigrina. It seems that serotonin and adrenalineExpand
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Hydrocarbon weathering in seashore invertebrates and sediments over a two-year period following the Amoco cadiz oil spill: Influence of microbial metabolism
Abstract The weathering of aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons from the Amoco Cadiz oil was monitored from May 1978 to January 1980 in selected seashore invertebrates and sediments of the pollutedExpand
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The effect of somatic and gonadal size on the rate of oxygen consumption in the subantarctic echinoid Abatus cordatus (Echinodermata) from Kerguelen.
1. The rate of oxygen consumption of this burrowing spatangoid was measured for individuals ranging in size from 3-month old 2.5-mm long juveniles to 39-mm long adults. 2. The decrease in the rate ofExpand
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Effects of some cyclic nucleotides on the wound healing and the regeneration of the sea-anemones, Cereus pedunculatus Penn. and Metridium senile L.
Abstract 1. The variation of the synthesis of soluble collagen were studied during cicatrization and regeneration in sea-anemones treated with cyclic nucleotides and in non-treated animals. 2.Expand
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From Event to Extreme Reality: The Aesthetic of Shock
  • J. Féral
  • Art
  • TDR/The Drama Review
  • 18 November 2011
We live in an era where many directors and artists in all disciplines seek to move beyond representation by bringing reality onto the stage, by creating the event—in truth, by introducing theExpand
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‘The Artwork Judges Them’: the Theatre Critic in a Changing Landscape
The functions of the critic in the theatre and of his or her responsibilities towards the theatre have long been debated and disputed, and are now in a state both of flux and contradiction – flux,Expand
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Performance and Theatricality: The Subject Demystified
Inherited from surrealist practices in the twenties, as RoseLee Goldberg has shown in her book, Peiformance! artistic performance enjoyed quite a boom in the fifties, especially in the wake of theExpand
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A Fabricação do Teatro: questões e paradoxos
This text presents issues of Theatrical Genetics, in particular, in its relation with the analysis of living processes of creation. The text proposes the concept of trace – in its production andExpand
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