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Establishment of exotic parasites: the origins and characteristics of an avian malaria community in an isolated island avifauna.
Knowledge of the processes favouring the establishment of exotic parasites is poor. Herein, we test the characteristics of successful exotic parasites that have co-established in the remote islandExpand
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Is there a link between agricultural land-use management and flooding?
Over the past fifty years, significant changes in UK land use and management practices have occurred, driven by UK and EU agricultural policies. There is substantial evidence that modern land-useExpand
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Facultative primary sex ratio variation: a lack of evidence in birds?
The facultative control of primary sex ratio by breeding birds has become a major focus in evolutionary biology in recent years. A combination of well–developed theoretical literature and rapidExpand
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Facultative control of offspring sex in the cooperatively breeding bell miner, Manorina melanophrys
The ability to alter primary sex ratios has the potential to increase a breeding individual's fitness. This is certainly true in those cooperative breeders where one sex is both philopatric and helpsExpand
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Eggshell colour does not predict measures of maternal investment in eggs of Turdus thrushes
The striking diversity of avian eggshell colour has long fascinated biologists. Recently, it has been proposed that the blue-green colour of some eggs may function as a post-mating sexually selectedExpand
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Dynamics and Viability of a New Zealand Robin Population Reintroduced to Regenerating Fragmented Habitat
New Zealand Robins ( Petroica australis ) were reintroduced to Tiritiri Matangi, a highly modified island undergoing an extensive revegetation program. The island had only 13 ha of fragmented forestExpand
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Reintroducing resurrected species: selecting DeExtinction candidates.
Technological advances have raised the controversial prospect of resurrecting extinct species. Species DeExtinction should involve more than the production of biological orphans to be scrutinized inExpand
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Influences of carotenoid supplementation on the integrated antioxidant system of a free living endangered passerine, the hihi (Notiomystis cincta).
The integrated antioxidant system is recognised as an essential component of an organisms self maintenance. Our knowledge of this system, however, is largely restricted to species of economicExpand
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Standards for documenting and monitoring bird reintroduction projects
It would be much easier to assess the effectiveness of different reintroduction methods, and so improve the success of reintroductions, if there was greater standardization in documentation of theExpand
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Floater males gain reproductive success through extrapair fertilizations in the stitchbird
We used minisatellite DNA profiling to assign parentage to stitchbird, Notiomystis cincta, chicks from a breeding population on Tiritiri Matangi Island off the coast of the North Island of NewExpand
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