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Remote Sensing Techniques to Assess Water Quality
Remote sensing techniques can be used to monitor water quality parameters (i.e., suspended sediments (turbidity), chlorophyll, and temperature). Optical and thermal sensors on boats, aircraft, andExpand
Using spectral vegetation indices to estimate rangeland productivity
Abstract Spectral vegetation indices (VI), that use combinations of photographic red (RED) and near‐infrared (NIR) remotely sensed radiances, were used to develop predictive relations forExpand
Applications and Research Using Remote Sensing for Rangeland Management
Rangelands are grasslands, shrublands, and savannas used by wildlife for habitat and livestock in order to produce food and fiber. Assessment and monitoring of rangelands are currently based onExpand
Remote Sensing of Giant Reed with QuickBird Satellite Imagery
QuickBird high resolution (2.8 m) satellite imagery was evaluated for distinguishing giant reed ( Arundo donax L.) infestations along the Rio Grande in southwest Texas. The imagery had four bandsExpand
Comparison of QuickBird and SPOT 5 Satellite Imagery for Mapping Giant Reed
QuickBird (2.4 m resolution) and SPOT 5 (10 m resolution) multi-spectral satellite imagery were compared for mapping the invasive grass, giant reed ( Arundo donax L.), along the Rio Grande inExpand
Original paper: Evaluating high resolution SPOT 5 satellite imagery for crop identification
High resolution satellite imagery offers new opportunities for crop monitoring and assessment. A SPOT 5 image acquired in May 2006 with four spectral bands (green, red, near-infrared, and short-waveExpand
Canopy spectra of giant reed and associated vegetation
Abstract This paper describes the spectral light reflectance characteristics of giant reed (Arundo donax L.) and the application of aerial color-infrared photography and videography forExpand
Photographic and videographic observations for determining and mapping the response of cotton to soil salinity
Better ways are needed to assess the extent and severity of soil salinity in fields in terms of economic impact on crop production and effectiveness of reclamation efforts. Procedures to help meetExpand
Remote Sensing of Chinese Tamarisk ( Tamarix chinensis ) and Associated Vegetation
Chinese tamarisk is an invader of riparian sites in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. Plant canopy light reflectance measurements showed that Chinese tamarisk had higher visibleExpand