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Ontology Matching: State of the Art and Future Challenges
After years of research on ontology matching, it is reasonable to consider several questions: is the field of ontology matching still making progress? Is this progress significant enough to pursueExpand
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A Survey of Schema-Based Matching Approaches
Schema and ontology matching is a critical problem in many application domains, such as semantic web, schema/ontology integration, data warehouses, e-commerce, etc. Many different matching solutionsExpand
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An API for Ontology Alignment
  • J. Euzenat
  • Computer Science
  • International Semantic Web Conference
  • 7 November 2004
Ontologies are seen as the solution to data heterogeneity on the web. However, the available ontologies are themselves source of heterogeneity. This can be overcome by aligning ontologies, or findingExpand
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The Alignment API 4.0
Alignments represent correspondences between entities of two ontologies. They are produced from the ontologies by ontology matchers. In order for matchers to exchange alignments and for applicationsExpand
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Similarity-Based Ontology Alignment in OWL-Lite
Interoperability of heterogeneous systems on the Web will be admittedly achieved through an agreement between the underlying ontologies. However, the richer the ontology description language, theExpand
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Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative: Six Years of Experience
In the area of semantic technologies, benchmarking and systematic evaluation is not yet as established as in other areas of computer science, e.g., information retrieval. In spite of successfulExpand
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Ten Challenges for Ontology Matching
This paper aims at analyzing the key trends and challenges of the ontology matching field. The main motivation behind this work is the fact that despite many component matching solutions that haveExpand
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Extending SPARQL with regular expression patterns (for querying RDF)
RDF is a knowledge representation language dedicated to the annotation of resources within the framework of the semantic web. Among the query languages for RDF, SPARQL allows querying RDF throughExpand
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A Feature and Information Theoretic Framework for Semantic Similarity and Relatedness
Semantic similarity and relatedness measures between ontology concepts are useful in many research areas. While similarity only considers subsumption relations to assess how two objects are alike,Expand
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