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A Synopsis of the Genera Skyttea, Llimoniella and Rhymbocarpus (Lichenicolous Ascomycota, Leotiales)
Abstract Abstract: The genus Skyttea is characterized by urceolate ascomata, with a narrow pore when young, a greenish or brownish, rarely reddish exciple of conglutinate hyphae with subglobose toExpand
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Abstract Twenty species of lichenicolous ascomycetes are recorded for the western Pyrenees.Capronia hypotrachynaeEtayo & Diederich (onHypotrachynaspecies, also known from the Canary Islands and fromExpand
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The lichenicolous Phoma species (coelomycetes) on Cladonia
The lichenicolous Phoma species on Cladonia are revised. A statistical analysis of the conidial size suggests that three species are involved: P. cladoniicola sp. nov. a common and wide- spreadExpand
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New species of lichenicolous fungi from the Canary Islands
Three new species of lichenicolous fungi from the Canary Islands ( Leightoniomyces canariensis , Lichenodiplis anomalus and Perigrapha phaeophysciae ), are described as new to science. A descriptionExpand
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Aportación a la flora liquénica de las Islas Canarias. iv. Líquenes epifitos de La Gomera (Islas Canarias)
A catalogue of epiphytic lichens from La Gomera (Canary Islands) is presented, especially from Garajonay National Park. 207 species are treated, many of which are new records from the island.Expand
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Lichenicolous Lichens and Fungi from Monfragüe National Park (Western Spain)
Abstract: Etayo, J. & Pérez-Ortega, S. 2016. Lichenicolous lichens and fungi from Monfragüe National Park (western Spain). — Herzogia 29: 315–328. We present the first survey of lichenicolousExpand
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Molecular data support establishment of a new genus for the lichenicolous species Neobarya usneae (Hypocreales)
Abstract Neobarya usneae Etayo is a relatively uncommon lichenicolous fungus that forms distinctive obpyriform ascomata on species of Usnea. The species is one of five known lichenicolous species inExpand
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New records of lichenicolous fungi and lichenicolous lichens from the Iberian Peninsula, with the description of four new species and one new genus
– 110 records of lichenicolous fungi are reported from Andorra, Portugal and Spain, (mostly the latter country). One genus and four species are described as new to science: Phaeospora everniae onExpand
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