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Soldiers, Rebels, and Overlords
This chapter seeks to explain the process whereby the Armed Forces of the Philippines engages in peace operations, while fighting various guerrilla forces and insurgent groups in conflict-strickenExpand
Resident Evil at the Gate of the Holy Land: Brewing Socio-politico Tensions in Post-conflict Aceh
The post-conflict status conferred to Aceh constitutes a paradox due to the existence of different forms of contestation on the ground that fuel tensions and minor violence because of the existenceExpand
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Evidence from the southern Philippines
Liberal peacebuilding is the prominent and popular framework employed by intergovernmental organisations and many international non-government organisations in conflict management and resolution inExpand
Understanding NGOs in a game of power
This paper examines the agency of non-government organisations as liberal peace agents and power players in Mindanao—a hybrid political community in the southern Philippines with a legacy ofExpand
Lawel e dad tô de lagad: An Ethnography of the Collective Wisdom of the Blaans on Disaster Management and Environmental Conservation
The Blaan communities in the hinterlands of Sarangani are continually exposed to different forms andtypes of environmental hazards. These hazards are brought about by disasters such as droughts,Expand
Indigenous Knowledge on Disaster Management and Environmental Conservation of the Blaan Tribe in the Riparian Zone of the Calminda Watershed
The Blaan communities of Muling, Plinggang and Pongoleel in the riparian zone of the Calminda Watershed in Alabel, Sarangani Province are continually exposed to environmental hazards brought about byExpand
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