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The Influence of Stakeholder Involvement on The Effectiveness of Place Branding
Abstract The assumption in the governance literature is that stakeholder involvement enhances the chances of success of governance processes. Place branding has a strong governance character in thatExpand
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Branding the City: The Democratic Legitimacy of a New Mode of Governance
Place branding has been used to influence ideas concerning communities and districts, especially in regeneration programmes. This article approaches branding as a new governance strategy for managingExpand
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The Interplay Between Trust and Control in Governance Processes
In this article we study the reciprocal relationship, the coevolution, between different forms of trust and control. We conduct comparative case study of two spatial planning projects in TheExpand
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Place marketing and citizen participation: branding as strategy to address the emotional dimension of policy making?
Place marketing is increasingly used by local governments to enhance the image of cities and achieve policy goals related to economic and spatial development. Place marketing has become part of localExpand
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Knowledge governance: Complementing hierarchies, networks and markets?
Coordination between actions of individuals can be realised by a specific form of governance: hierarchical governance, network governance or market governance. In current policy processes with regardExpand
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Learning in context through conflict and alignment: Farmers and scientists in search of sustainable agriculture
This article analyzes learning in context through the prism of a sustainable dairy-farming project. The research was performed within a nutrient management project that involved the participation ofExpand
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Branding in Governance and Public Management
1. The Rise of Branding in Governance Processes 2. The Many Faces of Branding: Definitions, Functions, and Forms 3. Branding to Influence Perceptions about Policy Problems and Solutions 4. BrandingExpand
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Place Marketing as Governance Strategy: An Assessment of Obstacles in Place Marketing and Their Effects on Attracting Target Groups
Place marketing is increasingly being used as a governance strategy for managing perceptions about regions, cities, and towns. What are the most important obstacles to implementing place marketing?Expand
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Improving Place Reputation: Do an Open Place Brand Process and an Identity-image Match Pay Off?
Abstract This article explores how place reputation is affected by two strategies that are frequently incorporated in a strategic place branding framework. The first strategy is stimulating an openExpand
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The Governance of Innovation in Dutch Regional Water Management: Organizing fit between organizational values and innovative concepts
Abstract This article addresses the difficulties encountered during innovation processes in regional water management, and how these difficulties are dealt with. We analyse the ‘fit’ or ‘misfit’Expand
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