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A seismological model for earthquakes induced by fluid extraction from a subsurface reservoir
A seismological model is developed for earthquakes induced by subsurface reservoir volume changes. The approach is based on the work of Kostrov ( ) and McGarr ( ) linking total strain to the summed
A Monte Carlo Method for Probabilistic Hazard Assessment of Induced Seismicity due to Conventional Natural Gas Production
Abstract A Monte Carlo approach to probabilistic seismic‐hazard analysis is developed for a case of induced seismicity associated with a compacting gas reservoir. The geomechanical foundation for the
Developing an Application‐Specific Ground‐Motion Model for Induced Seismicity
Abstract A key element of quantifying both the hazard and risk due to induced earthquakes is a suite of appropriate ground‐motion prediction equations (GMPEs) that encompass the possible shaking
Addressing limitations in existing ‘simplified’ liquefaction triggering evaluation procedures: application to induced seismicity in the Groningen gas field
Abstract The Groningen gas field is one of the largest in the world and has produced over 2000 billion m3 of natural gas since the start of production in 1963. The first earthquakes linked to gas