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Process type identification in torrential catchments in the eastern Alps
Abstract Torrential hazards are omnipresent in the alpine regions, as it frequently causes damage to infrastructures. In some cases, even people's lives are endangered. The classification of theseExpand
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Dominance-based duplication simulation (DBDS): code duplication to enable compiler optimizations
Compilers perform a variety of advanced optimizations to improve the quality of the generated machine code. Expand
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Trace-based Register Allocation in a JIT Compiler
We propose a novel non-global algorithm, which splits a compilation unit into traces based on profiling feedback and subsequently performs register allocation within each trace individually. Expand
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Trace register allocation
  • J. Eisl
  • Computer Science
  • 25 October 2015
This paper proposes the idea of Trace Register Allocation, a register allocation approach that is tailored for just-in-time (JIT) compilation in the context of virtual machines with run-time feedback. Expand
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Trace Register Allocation Policies: Compile-time vs. Performance Trade-offs
We present a register allocation framework that can exploit the additional flexibility of traces to select different allocation strategies based on the characteristics of a trace. Expand
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Divide and Allocate : The Trace Register Allocation Framework ACM Student Research Competition Grand Finals
Register allocation is a mandatory task for almost every compiler and consumes a signi cant portion of compile time. In a just-in-time compiler, compile time is a particular issue because compilationExpand
Parallel trace register allocation
We developed a theoretical model for parallel register allocation and show that it can be used in practice without a negative impact on the quality of the allocation result. Expand