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Nematic Fermi Fluids in Condensed Matter Physics
Correlated electron fluids can exhibit a startling array of complex phases, among which one of the more surprising is the electron nematic, a translationally invariant metallic phase with aExpand
The Fractional Quantum Hall Effect
Recent research has uncovered a fascinating quantum liquid made up solely of electrons confined to a plane surface. Found only at temperatures near absolute zero and in extremely strong magneticExpand
Resonantly enhanced tunneling in a double layer quantum hall ferromagnet.
The tunneling conductance between two parallel 2D electron systems has been measured in a regime of strong interlayer Coulomb correlations. At total Landau level filling nuT=1 the tunnel spectrumExpand
High frequency conductivity of the high-mobility two-dimensional electron gas
We measure the real and imaginary conductivity sigma(k = 0,omega) of a high-mobility two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) system at frequencies below and above the momentum scattering rate. TheExpand
Measurement of the electronic compressibility of bilayer graphene
We present measurements of the electronic compressibility, K, of bilayer graphene in both zero and finite magnetic fields up to 14 T, and as a function of both the carrier density and electric fieldExpand
Observation of a linearly dispersing collective mode in a quantum hall ferromagnet.
Double-layer two-dimensional electron systems can exhibit a fascinating collective phase believed to display both quantum ferromagnetism and excitonic superfluidity. This unusual phase has recentlyExpand
Bose–Einstein condensation of excitons in bilayer electron systems
An exciton is the particle-like entity that forms when an electron is bound to a positively charged ‘hole’. An ordered electronic state in which excitons condense into a single quantum state wasExpand
Spin and the Coulomb gap in the half-filled lowest Landau level
The Coulomb gap observed in tunneling between parallel two-dimensional electron systems, each at half-filling of the lowest Landau level, is found to depend sensitively on the presence of an in-planeExpand
Terahertz photoconductivity and plasmon modes in double-quantum-well field-effect transistors
Double-quantum-well field-effect transistors with a grating gate exhibit a sharply resonant, voltage tuned terahertz photoconductivity. The voltage tuned resonance is determined by the plasmaExpand
Reply to Simon's Comment on "Evidence for an Anisotropic State of Two-Dimensional Electrons in High Landau Levels"
We recently reported [PRL 82, 394 (1999)] large transport anisotropies in a two-dimensional electron gas in high Landau levels. These observations were made utilizing both square and Hall bar sampleExpand