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Mammals of the Neotropics
"Mammals of the Neotropics" satisfies the need for a comprehensive, up-to-date survey of existing knowledge of South America's terrestrial and marine mammals. No comparable account of South AmericanExpand
The Mammalian Radiations: An Analysis of Trends in Evolution, Adaptation, and Behavior
A familiar bestiary eyes us from the cover: big cats stand above a herd of galumphing herbivores. But the scene changes with the first page, and we’re reminded that most mammals are small,Expand
Jaguars, pumas, their prey base, and cattle ranching: ecological interpretations of a management problem
Jaguar and puma depredation on livestock may be influenced by (1) innate and learned behavior; (2) health and status of individual cats; (3) division of space and resources among jaguar and puma; (4)Expand
Hunting and the Likelihood of Extinction of Amazonian Mammals
Species inhabiting tropical forests are thought to be on the verge of mass extinction. Much work has focused on extinction rates caused by deforestation; however, many of the recorded extinctionsExpand
Olfactory Communication in Mammals
Olfactory communication is defined as the process whereby a chemical signal is generated by a presumptive sender and transmitted to a presumptive receiver who by means of adequate receptors can identify, integrate, and respond (either be­ haviorally or physiologically) to the signal. Expand