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In Gravitation: an introduction to current research
The invention relates to the manufacture of compounds of the formula in which R1 is a secondary or tertiary alkyl group, R2 is an alkyl group, R13 and R14, which may be the same or different, areExpand
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Quaternary glaciations : extent and chronology
The book presents an up-to-date, detailed overview of the Quaternary glaciations all over the world, not only with regard to stratigraphy but also with regard to major glacial landforms and theExpand
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The extent and chronology of Cenozoic Global Glaciation
Abstract The Quaternary is synonymous with extensive glaciation of Earth's mid- and high-latitudes. Although there were local precursors, significant glaciation began in the latest Eocene (ca 35 Ma)Expand
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A global synthesis of the marine and terrestrial evidence for glaciation during the Pliocene Epoch
Abstract The Pliocene climate is globally warm and characterised by high atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations, yet the terrestrial and marine scientific communities have gathered considerableExpand
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The Morphodynamics of the Wadden Sea
The Wadden Sea area of the North Sea is one which undergoes rapid morphological changes. Under natural conditions, the barrier islands would adjust themselves to a rising sea level. However, becauseExpand
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Republication of: The geometry of free fall and light propagation
This is a reprinting of the paper by Jürgen Ehlers, Felix Pirani and Alfred Schild, first published in 1972 in a separate volume containing articles written in hounour of J. L. Synge. The originalExpand
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Survey of General Relativity Theory
The purpose of these lectures was to give a survey of Einstein’s theory of gravitation and the connection between physical and mathematical concepts and ideas. Expand
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Reconstructing the dynamics of the North-west European Pleistocene ice sheets
Abstract The flow lines of the North-west European Pleistocene ice sheets can be reconstructed with the aid of fabric measurements and glaciotectonic investigations. From this there is evidence for aExpand
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Timing of glaciation during the last glacial cycle: evaluating the concept of a global 'Last Glacial Maximum' (LGM)
Abstract It has long been known that mountain glaciers and continental ice sheets around the globe reached their respective maximum extent at different times during the last glacial cycle, often wellExpand
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