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Physical Wife Abuse in a Non-Western society: An Integrated Theoretical Approach
The current study uses survey data from a representative sample of 619 husbands residing in Bangkok, Thailand, to assess their use of physical force against their wives. Multivariate analyses areExpand
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Dimensions of Marital Quality
The dimensionality of five conceptually distinct components of marital quality was evaluated in a representative national sample of 1845 married people. Confirmatory factor analysis found twoExpand
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Age at marriage and marital instability.
Numerous studies show that early marriage increases marital instability; more recent studies show that late marriages also appear to be less stable. This paper examines 3 alternatives: 1) how theExpand
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An Integrated Theoretical Model of Sibling Violence and Abuse
Drawing on three theoretical perspectives (feminist, conflict, and social learning), an integrated analytical model of adolescence sibling violence and abuse is proposed. The model suggests thatExpand
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Women, Outside Employment, and Marital Instability
Interview data from a national sample of 2,034 married persons are used to examine the effect of wives'outside employment on marital instability. In this study, marital instability is defined asExpand
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Emptying the Nest and Parental Well-Being: An Analysis of National Panel Data
Panel data from a national random sample are used to investigate the effects of children leaving home on parental well-being. The "empty nest" is associated with significant improvements in maritalExpand
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Familial Behavior as Social Exchange.
Current interest in developing conceptual frameworks applicable to the study of the family has produced several identifiable schemata. Some potentially fruitful approaches have been ignored, however.Expand
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Women, Work, and Social Participation
Past research on social participation generally has revealed that males participate more extensively than females and are more involved in instrumental activities than females, who are more apt toExpand
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Sexual Behavior In and Out of Marriage: An Assessment of Correlates*
An assessment of the "demography" of two forms of sexual behavior is presented. The effects of 18 variables, pertaining to social background and the marital relationship, on the frequency of maritalExpand
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