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Motivational beliefs, values, and goals.
The authors end the chapter with a discussion of how to integrate theories of self-regulation and expectancy-value models of motivation and suggest new directions for future research. Expand
Student Council, Volunteering, Basketball, or Marching Band
We examined the potential benefits and risks associated with participation in five types of activities: prosocial (church and volunteer activities), team sports, school involvement, performing arts,Expand
Who Am I and What Am I Going to Do With My Life? Personal and Collective Identities as Motivators of Action
Who am I? What am I about? What is my place in my social group? What is important to me? What do I value? What do I want to do with my life? These are all questions related to what psychologists callExpand
In the Mind of the Actor: The Structure of Adolescents' Achievement Task Values and Expectancy-Related Beliefs
The authors assessed the dimensionality of and relations between adolescents' achievement-related beliefs and self perceptions, focusing on subjective valuing of achievement. Beliefs derived fromExpand
Extracurricular Activities and Adolescent Development
In this article, we summarize: (a) the arguments linking participation in structured leisure activities to positive youth development, (b) our findings on the association of extracurricular activityExpand
Understanding Women's Educational And Occupational Choices: Applying the Eccles et al. Model of Achievement-Related Choices
Despite recent efforts to increase the participation of women in advanced educational training and high-status professional fields, women and men are still concentrated in different occupations andExpand
Changes in children's self-competence and values: gender and domain differences across grades one through twelve.
The most striking finding across all domains was that self-perceptions of competence and subjective task values declined as children got older, although the extent and rate of decline varied across domains. Expand
Schools, Academic Motivation, and Stage‐Environment Fit
An Ecological View of Schools and Their Impact on Development During Adolescence Level 1: Classrooms Level 1: Summary Level 2: School Buildings Summary of School-Level Effects Level 3: SchoolExpand