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Antarctic Fish Biology: Evolution in a Unique Environment
The Antarctic Environment. Past and Present: Physical and Biological Characteristics of the Antarctic Marine Environment. Geologic and Climatic History of Antarctica. The Fossil Fish Faunas. TheExpand
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The nature of the diversity of Antarctic fishes
The species diversity of the Antarctic fish fauna changed notably during the ≈40 million years from the Eocene to the present. A taxonomically restricted and endemic modern fauna succeeded aExpand
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Ancient climate change, antifreeze, and the evolutionary diversification of Antarctic fishes
The Southern Ocean around Antarctica is among the most rapidly warming regions on Earth, but has experienced episodic climate change during the past 40 million years. It remains unclear how ancientExpand
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Fishes on the Antarctic continental shelf : evolution of a marine species flock?
Distance, currents, deep water and sub-zero temperatures isolate the waters of the Antarctic continental shelf from other shelf areas in the Southern Hemisphere. The Antarctic shelf is an insularExpand
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Antarctic notothenioid fishes as subjects for research in evolutionary biology
Antarctica is a continental island and the waters of its shelfand upper slope are an insular evolutionary site. The shelf waters resemble a closed basin in the Southern Ocean, separated from otherExpand
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The fish fauna of the Ross Sea, Antarctica
The RV Nathaniel B. Palmer was used for bottom trawling at depths of 100–1200 m during two recent cruises in the south-western Ross Sea. Although only 10 of 20 trawls were completely successful, aExpand
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Buoyancy Studies of Notothenioid Fishes in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
composition in Crocodylus porosus caught along a salinity gradient. J. Comp. Physiol. 144:261-270. , L. E. TAPLIN, P. HARLOW AND J. WRIGHT. 1980. Survival and growth of hatchling Crocodylus porosusExpand
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An updated species list for notothenioid fish (Perciformes; Notothenioidei), with comments on Antarctic species
Perciform fish of the suborder Notothenioidei dominate the cold shelf waters surrounding the Antarctic continent. The past decade has been an active period in the taxonomy and systematics of thisExpand
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Late Eocene gadiform (Teleostei) skull from Seymour Island, Antarctic Peninsula
On the basis of a skull from the late Eocene La Meseta Formation on Seymour Island, Antarctic Peninsula, a gadiform fish is reported from the Antarctic region for the first time. This specimen, theExpand
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Decadal trends in abundance, size and condition of Antarctic toothfish in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica, 1972–2011
We report the analyses of a dataset spanning 39 years of near-annual fishing for Dissostichus mawsoni in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica, 1972–2011. Data on total length, condition and catch per unitExpand
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