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Human Antibodies with Sub-nanomolar Affinities Isolated from a Large Non-immunized Phage Display Library
This work shows that conventional hybridoma technology may be superseded by large phage libraries that are proving to be a stable and reliable source of specific, high affinity human monoclonal antibodies. Expand
Selection and rapid purification of murine antibody fragments that bind a transition-state analog by phage display
A new phage-display vector encoding a polyhistidine tag that has been used for rapid purification of soluble antibody fragments and can provide a large diverse repertoire of candidate catalytic antibodies based on TSA selection and screening. Expand
Generation of a panel of related human scFv antibodies with high affinities for human CEA.
A panel of human anti-CEA scFvs has been generated with differing dissociation constants for antigen, which will allow the correlation between tumour targeting efficiency and binding affinity to be assessed directly and will be valuable in the optimisation of human antibodies for immunotherapy. Expand
Shear-Induced Changes in Two-Dimensional Foam
The effects of shear strain on a two-dimensional foam, comprising a monolayer of bubbles bridging from a soap solution to a cover glass, have been studied. For initially disordered foam,Expand
Surface light scattering: a methodological review.
  • J. Earnshaw
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Applied optics
  • 20 October 1997
The focus is on the use of photon correlation to determine the spectroscopic information carried by the scattered light, including surface viscoelastic parameters and intensities, to extraction of the maximum amount of information from the data. Expand
The Application of Laser Light Scattering to the Study of Biological Motion
Physical Principles of Light Scattering.- Structure and Movement in Cells.- Applications of Laser Light Scattering to Biological Systems.- Techniques and Instrumentation.- Correlation FunctionExpand
Directing phage selections towards specific epitopes.
Competitive deselection is a viable means for directing selections towards useful epitopes and permits a more effective 'search' of phage display repertoires and allows the emergence of lower affinity clones with useful specificities. Expand
Signal amplification in flow cytometry using biotin tyramine.
The technique described in this report provides a method of amplifying the signals achieved by standard flow cytometry detection reagents by leveraging horseradish peroxidase-conjugated reagents to generate an amplified HRP signal. Expand
Practical laser Doppler microscopes
Three simple laser Doppler microscope systems suitable for measurements of material flow in narrow vessels with widths from 10 to 250 mu m or greater are described. Measurements of centre-line flowExpand