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Factorial design and response surface optimization of crude violacein for Chromobacterium violaceum production
Initially an eleven variable, sixteen assay 215−11 fractional factorial design, was used to determine the key factors in the production of violacein produced by Chromobacterium violaceum, CCT 3496.
Styryl lactones and their derivatives: biological activities, mechanisms of action and potential leads for drug design.
The biological activities of styryl lactones focusing on cancer cells, the causal agent of Chagas' disease and the vectors for yellow fever and human lymphatic filariasis are discussed, as well as immunosuppressive and inflammatory processes.
Composition and evaluation of the anti-inflammatory and anticancer activities of the essential oil from Annona sylvatica A. St.-Hil.
The anti-inflammatory and anticancer effects of the essential oil of A. sylvatica are described for the first time and may have clinical relevance and open new possibilities for the development of novel anti- inflammatory and antic cancer drugs.
Antimicrobial Activity of Essential Oils against Streptococcus mutans and their Antiproliferative Effects
EO showed activity at low concentrations, and their selected active fractions were also effective against biofilm formed by S. mutans and human tumor cell lines.