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The Counter-Monument: Memory against Itself in Germany Today
As part of Germany's "Skulptur Projekte 87," the American geometric minimalist Sol Lewitt installed a large block of black stones smack in the middle of the plaza in front of the Miinster Palace andExpand
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Intrauterine human chorionic gonadotropin infusion in oocyte donors promotes endometrial synchrony and induction of early decidual markers for stromal survival: a randomized clinical trial.
STUDY QUESTION Does a single intrauterine infusion of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) at the time corresponding to a Day 3 embryo transfer in oocyte donors induce favorable molecular changes inExpand
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The texture of memory : Holocaust memorials and meaning
The Texture of Memory PART I Germany: The Ambiguity Memory - The Counter-monument: Memory Against Itself in Germany Today The Sites of Destruction The Gestapo-Gelande Austria's Ambivalent Memory.Expand
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Toward a Received History of the Holocaust
In this article, I examine both the problem of so-called postmodern history as it relates to the Holocaust and suggest the ways that Saul Friedlander's recent work successfully mediates between theExpand
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The Holocaust as Vicarious Past: Art Spiegelman's "Maus" and the Afterimages of History
Following Walter Benjamin's lead in his "Theses on the Philosophy of History," Saul Friedlander wonders whether all historical interpretation is somehow fraught with redemptory potential. ByExpand
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The memorial’s arc: Between Berlin’s Denkmal and New York City’s 9/11 Memorial
Without direct reference to the Holocaust or its contemporary “counter-monuments,” Michael Arad’s design for the National 9/11 Memorial at Ground Zero is nonetheless inflected by an entire post-warExpand
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Daniel Libeskind's Jewish Museum in Berlin
Just how does a city „house“ the memory of a people no longer at „home“ there? How does a city like Berlin invite a people like the Jews back into its official past after having driven them soExpand
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