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A new technique for the determination of superficial residual stresses associated with machining and other manufacturing processes
Abstract Manufacturing processes induce residual stresses in components. The manufacturing operations path that a component has to undertake is critical in the formation of these residual stresses,Expand
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Surface Characterization and the Functionality of Mating Parts
The surface of a machined component is the only part of that item which interacts with its surrounding or mating parts. Therefore, the surface must be made suitable to perform the function for whichExpand
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Mapping of Superficial Residual Stresses in Machined Components
The paper describes how the superficial residual elastic strains present after machining AA 6061-T6511 bar stock using a 63.5 mm (21⁄2”) diameter face mill at various cutting speeds were measuredExpand
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Shaped Castings and Machining
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Captive reproduction of the Jamaican iguana (Cyclura collei).
The Jamaican iguana (Cyclura collei) was considered to be extinct until its rediscovery in 1990 in the Hellshire Hills region of Jamaica. Between 1994 and 1996, several wild caught juveniles wereExpand
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Residual stresses in aluminum castings
Abstract The majority of manufacturing processes induce residual stresses in the surface of the component produced. These residual stresses can be either beneficial or in some cases detrimental toExpand
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Ultra-high Speed Turning On A VerticalMachining Centre Of Aerospace AluminiumAlloys.
Ultra-high speed turning operations are very rare, unlike their milling counterparts, which are becoming a popular production technique for aerospace machining strategies of late. The technique inExpand
A study of component surface refurbishment
The act of surface refurbishment of worn components is of itself both environmentally friendly and something which can be accomplished in a timely and convenient manner. It is environmentallyExpand
Statistical analysis conducted during the study on the impact of tool-chip contact time on the shear angle in orthogonal machining
This paper addresses the changes in what is termed the effective shear angle in the machining of two aluminium alloy grades, AL 2024 & AL 7075. Expand
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Preparing to teach STEM in middle school using understanding by design framework: Focus on using CAD in creative arts
This paper will discuss the development of a university course designed to provide the objectives, materials, and methods appropriate for teaching STEM in a middle school in Mississippi. The STEMExpand