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Biology and Medicine of Rabbits and Rodents
Fully updated and expanded, all clinical and scientific information, especially in the areas of diagnosis, therapy and disease prevention, has been reviewed and changed where necessary with advances in veterinary medicine and laboratory animal science. Expand
Interspecies transmission of Cytauxzoon felis.
There was no clear evidence of cytauxzoonosis demonstrated by necropsy or histopathologic or blood smear examinations in all other species, except bobcats, and freshly collected blood and/or tissue homogenates from animals of various species,except bob Cats, failed to produce evidenceof cytauxZoonosis when subinoculated into domestic cats. Expand
The pathology of experimental cytauxzoonosis.
Clinical, gross post mortem, histological and electron-microscopical data were collected from cats serially killed following experimental infection with Cytauxzoon felis, finding the agent appeared similar or identical to that described for cases of cytauxZoonosis in African ruminants. Expand
Experimental transmission of Cytauxzoon felis from bobcats (Lynx rufus) to domestic cats (Felis domesticus).
Freshly collected blood and/or spleen homogenate from an experimentally infected Florida bobcat, which had died of feline cytauxzoonosis, was inoculated into domestic cats and all inoculated cats developed a parasitemia, but none developed clinical signs of disease and none died of the disease. Expand
Treatment of Trichophyton mentagrophytes infection in rabbits.
Copper sulfate and MECA were effective in treating clinical dermatophytosis and in decreasing T mentagrophytes carrier status in rabbits. Expand
A fatal cytauxzoonosis-like disease in cats.
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  • 1976
A cytauxzoon-like agent caused fatal disease in 4 domestic cats from separate, rural, heavily wooded premises in southwestern Missouri. Clinical signs included lethargy; pale, icteric mucousExpand
Miscellaneous Disease Conditions of Guinea Pigs
A commonly observed sequella of bleeding via heart puncture in laboratory guinea pigs is death because of cardiac tamponade, or filling of the pericardial cavity with extravasated blood. Expand
New semisolid agar for the detection of motile salmonellae
When combined with selenite or gram-negative broth enrichment, SSF agar yielded significantly better Salmonella isolation from experimentally infected rodents than a standard battery of media. Expand
The inheritance pattern of factor XII (Hageman) deficiency in domestic cats.
Measurements of coagulation factor XII levels in F1 progeny of a cat having factor XII deficiency revealed an autosomal recessive pattern similar to that reported in humans (Hageman trait). A studyExpand