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Morphological features in a neutral lipid storage disease.
The morphological changes in a patient with a generalized storage disease characterized by the intracellular deposition of neutral lipid are described. There is widespread accumulation of lipid inExpand
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A model of salmonella enteritis: the behaviour of Salmonella enteritidis in chick intestine studies by light and electron microscopy.
Salmonella enteritidis was injected into isolated "loops" of duodenum, midgut and ileocaeca in anaesthetized 1-day-old chicks. Using light microscopy with conventional staining and fluorescentExpand
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The effect of X-radiation on the biosynthesis of hemoglobin.
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Protein synthesis and aggregation of embryonic cells.
Dissociated 7-day chick embryo neural retina cells exhibited marked biosynthetic activity as measured by 14C-glucosamine and 3H-glycine incorporation. Glucosamine incorporation was more nearlyExpand
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Rates of biosynthesis of plasma and liver proteins.
The rates of synthesis of plasma and liver proteins have been measured in the perfused dog liver and intact rat liver by following the rate of incorporation, over short time intervals, of carbonExpand
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Uptake and metabolism of amino acids by the dog liver perfused in situ
Dog livers were perfused in situ for periods up to 6 hr with dog blood recycled through a pump-oxygenator. An amino acid mixture was administered for 90 min. Concentrations of amino acids were dete...
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Histotypic self-organization by trypsin-dissociated and EDTA-dissociated chick embryo cells.
The phenomenon of aggregation of chick embryo cells in vitro has been investigated by the rotation-mediated cell-aggregation procedure. In serum-supplemented media trypsin-dissociated neural-retinaExpand
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