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Complete genome sequence of a newly isolated lytic bacteriophage, EFAP‐1 of Enterococcus faecalis, and antibacterial activity of its endolysin EFAL‐1
Aims:  In this work, we aimed to identify an effective treatment of infections caused by Enterococcus spp. strains resistant to conventional antibiotics.
Modelling the effects of herbicide dose and weed density on rice-weed competition
Summary The effects of herbicide dose on rice-weed competition were investigated to develop a combined model, which can be utilised to estimate an optimum herbicide dose for a given weed densityExpand
Biosynthesis of lysosomal enzymes in cells of the End3 complementation group conditionally defective in endosomal acidification
Electro microscopic observations revealed that at 41°C, G.7.1 cells accumulated inclusion-type bodies reminiscent of those found in I-cell disease fibroblasts, providing further evidence that acidified endosomes are important for the biogenesis of lysosomes. Expand
Biosynthesis and intracellular transport of a membrane glycoprotein (plgp57) of the prelysosome compartment.
The biosynthesis and intracellular transport of a membrane glycoprotein, designated plgp57, which is found predominantly in the prelysosome compartment (PLC) of Madin-Darby bovine kidney cells is characterized and the similarity of this protein to the CD63/ME491 family of membranes glycoproteins is revealed. Expand
Identification of a membrane glycoprotein found primarily in the prelysosomal endosome compartment
Results indicate that plgp57 is a novel marker for a unique prelysosomal endosome compartment that is the site of confluence of the endocytic and biosynthetic pathways to lysosomes. Expand
Modification of Soxhlet Extractor for Rapid and Effective Recovery of Phenolic Pollutants Adsorbed on XAD-4 Resin
A newly modified extractor facilitated rapid extraction (10.0 mL, 1 h) of eleven phenols from XAD-4 resin for comparable recoveries to those with conventional Soxhlet extractor (80.0 mL, 3 h).Expand
Studies on Occurrence and Control of Weeds in Edible Wild Greens Field
This experiment was carried out to select some herbicides for edible wild greens, Album monanthum, Petasites japonicus, and Aster scaber, where the typical phytotoxic symptoms to herbicides were germination inhibition, growth retardation, and malformation. Expand
Photooxidative Approach to Annual Ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam.) Straw Modification with Corresponding Increases in Microbial Response
The biodegradability of cereal straw in soil is low because of lignin and lignin-cellulose complexes in their structure. Photooxidation prior to soil incorporation was evaluated as a means ofExpand
Comparison of total and faecal coliforms as faecal indicator in eutrophicated surface water.
The results reveal that the detection of FC rather than TC using m-FC Agar is more appropriate for faecal pollution monitoring in eutrophicated surface water located in a temperate region. Expand