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Action of salicylate on membrane capacitance of outer hair cells from the guinea‐pig cochlea.
1. The effect of salicylate on membrane capacitance and intracellular pH has been measured in isolated outer hair cells (OHCs) during whole cell recording. Cell membrane capacitance was measuredExpand
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Charge displacement induced by rapid stretch in the basolateral membrane of the guinea-pig outer hair cell
The properties of the basolateral membrane of cochlear outer hair cells were studied under whole-cell patch clamp to measure currents and capacitance changes associated with mechanical deformation.Expand
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Extension problem and fractional operators: semigroups and wave equations
We extend results of Caffarelli–Silvestre and Stinga–Torrea regarding a characterization of fractional powers of differential operators via an extension problem. Our results apply to generators ofExpand
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One-parameter groups of regular quasimultipliers
Abstract Groups of unbounded operators are approached in the setting of the Esterle quasimultiplier theory. We introduce groups of regular quasimultipliers of growth ω, or ω-groups for short, where ωExpand
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Functional Calculus for Infinitesimal Generators of Holomorphic Semigroups
We give a functional calculus formula for infinitesimal generators of holomorphic semigroups of operators on Banach spaces, which involves the Bochner–Riesz kernels of such generators. The rate ofExpand
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Weakly compact homomorphisms
We study the structure of weakly compact homomorphisms between Banach algebras. In particular, it is shown that between many pairs of algebras, the only weakly compact homomorphisms are those ofExpand
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Linear connections for reproducing kernels on vector bundles
We construct a canonical correspondence from a wide class of reproducing kernels on infinite-dimensional Hermitian vector bundles to linear connections on these bundles. The linear connection inExpand
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On Amenability and Geometry of Spaces of Bounded Representations
Several differential geometric aspects of the space of representations of amenable Banach algebras are studied: differential structure, natural connection, geodesics, reductive structure, and so on.Expand
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Holomorphic generalized functions
Abstract In the new theory of generalized functions introduced by one author we study the generalized functions G on open sets of C n solutions of the equation ∂ G = 0 . These generalizedExpand
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Holomorphic geometric models for representations of $C^*$-algebras
Representations of $C^*$-algebras are realized on section spaces of holomorphic homogeneous vector bundles. The corresponding section spaces are investigated by means of a new notion of reproducingExpand
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