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Towards an Understanding of Mental Toughness in Elite English Cricketers
Abstract Mental toughness is a critical element in contemporary international cricket. However, little is known beyond the obvious basics of what constitutes mental toughness in an English cricketer.Expand
Derogation of student female athletes who consult a sport psychologist: an alternative perspective on the negative halo effect.
Results indicate that this female student athlete sample has a moderated, even a positive, perception of the sport psychologist, which suggests the absence of a negative halo effect and that derogation would not occur within this sample group. Expand
Perceptions of the sport psychologist by female university athletes.
The results suggest the existence of a more favourable perception of the sport psychologist and a distancing from a direct association with mental health practitioners, however, the centrality of the term may indicate a more cloudy distinction as to where the sport psychology exists in relation to other professionals. Expand