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Portable gas chromatograph with integrated components
Abstract In the paper, a portable gas chromatograph with silicon/glass integrated micromachined flushed injector and doubled thermal conductivity detectors (TCD) has been presented. The injector hasExpand
Desorption/ionization mass spectrometry on porous silicon dioxide
A new porous silicon dioxide chip (DIOSD) for matrix-free laser desorption/ionisation time-of-flight mass spectrometry (MALDI TOF MS) has been presented. Spots of porous silicon dioxide wereExpand
Low cost fluorescence detection using a CCD array and image processing for on-chip gel electrophoresis
Abstract The most commonly applied method of fluorescence detection for on-chip gel electrophoresis is finish line detection in epifluorescence configuration using highly sensitive photodiode or aExpand
Preliminary studies on LTCC based PCR microreactor
Abstract The article presents preliminary investigation on the LTCC (Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics) chip with an integrated optical element. The structure is dedicated for DNA (deoxyribonucleicExpand
A micromachined silicon-based probe for a scanning near-field optical microscope on-chip
The novel concept of an integrated scanning near-field optical microscope on-chip (SOMOC) has been presented. SOMOC consists of a micromachined cantilever probe and an emission-detection deviceExpand
Mold-type SiC field emitters with heavily boron-doped gates
A new fabrication process for mold-type SiC sharp tips for field-emission arrays has been presented. Gated emitters have been fabricated in a multi-step process using the transfer-mold technique.Expand
SiC field emitter arrays fabricated by transfer mold technique
The field emission arrays of SiC sharp emitter tips have been produced for the first time by use of the transfer mold technique. The test structures of active gun, containing approximately 3×104 ofExpand
The SmartBioPhone, a point of care vision under development through two European projects: OPTOLABCARD and LABONFOIL.
This paper describes how sixteen partners from eight different countries across Europe are working together in two EU projects focused on the development of a point of care system. This system usesExpand
Vapour microcell for chip scale atomic frequency standard
Reported is the original implementation of a microcell (1 mm 3 ) in which a stable cesium vapour is generated after the cell is sealed. This new type of microcell is suitable for chip scale atomicExpand
New approach of fabrication and dispensing of micromachined cesium vapor cell
We describe the fabrication of wafer-scale alkali vapor cells based on silicon micromachining and anodic bonding. The principle of the proposed micromachined alkali cell is based on an extremelyExpand