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Studying conceptual change in learning physics
There is often a severe problem of lack of communication between teacher and pupils. When two people communicate, what passes between them are the words and gestures they use to attempt to conveyExpand
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The Role of Scientific Terminology in Research and Teaching: Is Something Important Missing?.
The recent discussion between Lewis and Linn (Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 33, 335–337, 1996) and Pushkin (Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 33, 223–224, 1996) concerning theExpand
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Against Realist Instruction: Superficial Success Masking Catastrophic Failure and an Alternative
In Radical Constructivism (RC) (Glasersfeld 1991) we judge our understanding by what can be accomplished using that understanding. Realists do not understand the notion that RC is not about “truth,”Expand
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Conceptual development about motion and force in elementary and middle school students
Methods of physics education research were applied to find what kinds of changes in 4th, 6th, and 8th grade student understanding of motion can occur and at what age. Such findings are necessary forExpand
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Once More into the Breach
Open peer commentary on the target article “Arguments Opposing the Radicalism of Radical Constructivism” by Gernot Saalmann. Excerpt: Gernot Saalmann uses the term “radical” in the sense of…
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Teaching Introductory Physics to College Students
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Put Another Way
Open peer commentary on the target article “Who Conceives of Society?” by Ernst von Glasersfeld. Excerpt: What follows is offered as an alternative explanation of the nature and status of the …
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Against Realist Instruction
Purpose: Often radical constructivists are confronted with arguments why radical constructivism is wrong. The present work presents a radical constructivist alternative to such arguments: a …
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