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Marriage and remarriage in populations of the past
This book contains the proceedings of the International Coloquium on Historical Demography organized by the International Committee on Historical Sciences and the International Union of theExpand
The sexual politics of reproduction in Britain.
The ratio of abortion deaths to the total number of pregnancy-related deaths is marked by the fact that the infant mortality rates fell from 130 deaths per 1000 live births in 1905 to 55 per 1000 by 1935 while the maternal mortality rates remained at about 5 per 1000 in the first decades of the century and began to rise in the 1930s. Expand
Malthus past and present
This document contained 9 summary reports and 20 of the 164 papers which were presented at the 1980 International Conference on Historical Demography. The purpose of the conference was to reexamineExpand
Results of the census
A selection of short articles analyzing results from the 1990 census of France is presented in this issue. Topics covered include demographic aging fertility trends household structure and foreignersExpand
Naming-Practices, Godparenthood, and Kinship in the Vexin, 1540-1900
Sociologists and historians have begun to take an interest in the choice of given (or baptismal) names and in the social decisions which it implies. For sociologists, &dquo;The given name offers twoExpand