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Relevance Logic and Entailment
Note carefully that the title of this piece is not ‘A Survey of Relevance Logic’. Such a project would be impossible given the development of the field and even the space limitations of this
Intuitive semantics for first-degree entailments and ‘coupled trees’
Classically, an argument A therefore B is ‘valid’ (or A is said to ‘entail’ B) if and only if (iff) each situation (model) is such that either A is false or B is true. This fits well with so-called
Positive modal logic
  • J. Dunn
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    Stud Logica
  • 1 June 1995
A set of postulates for the minimal normal modal logicK+ without negation or any kind of implication is given, and it is shown thatK+ is complete with respect to the usual Kripke-style semantics.
Canonical extensions and relational completeness of some substructural logics*
Abstract In this paper we introduce canonical extensions of partially ordered sets and monotone maps and a corresponding discrete duality. We then use these to give a uniform treatment of
Algebraic Methods in Philosophical Logic
1. Introduction 2. Universal Algebra 3. Order, Lattices and Boolean Algebras 4. Syntax 5. Semantics 6. Logic 7. Matrices and Atlases 8. Representation Theorems 9. Classical Propositional Logic 10.
The algebra of intensional logics
A postal drop-box having a framework for supporting a plurality of removable mail containers, with a housing enclosing same to provide prevention of unauthorized removal or tampering with mail
The Effect of Peer Tutors on Motor Performance in Integrated Physical Education Classes
The effect of untrained and trained peer tutors on the motor performance of students with developmental disabilities in integrated physical education classes was studied. This study used a
Partiality and Its Dual
  • J. Dunn
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    Stud Logica
  • 1 October 2000
This paper explores allowing truth value assignments to be undetermined or "partial" (no truth values) and overdetermined or "inconsistent" (both truth values), thus returning to an investigation of
Star and Perp: Two Treatments of Negation1
The first uses a unary operation * ("star") on some underlying set of "states" ("worlds," "situations," "set-ups," "cases," whatever). The second definition uses a binary relation I ("perp") on such
Generalized Galois Logics: Relational Semantics of Nonclassical Logical Calculi
Nonclassical logics have recently played an increasing role in disciplines ranging from mathematics and computer science to linguistics and philosophy. "Generalized Galois Logics" develops a uniform