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The spectrum of positive elliptic operators and periodic bicharacteristics
Let X be a compact boundaryless C ∞ manifold and let P be a positive elliptic self-adjoint pseudodifferential operator of order m>0 on X. For technical reasons we will assume that P operates on
On the variation in the cohomology of the symplectic form of the reduced phase space
is called the momentum mapping of the Hamiltonian T-action. Given (1.1), the condition (1.2) just means that T acts along the fibers of J. For the basic definitions and properties of non-commutative
Differential equations in the spectral parameter
We determine all the potentialsV(x) for the Schrödinger equation (−∂x2+V(x))∅=k2∅ such that some family of eigenfunctions ∅ satisfies a differential equation in the spectral parameterk of the
The heat kernel Lefschetz fixed point formula for the spin-c dirac operator
1 Introduction.- 2 The Dolbeault-Dirac Operator.- 3 Clifford Modules.- 4 The Spin Group and the Spin-c Group.- 5 The Spin-c Dirac Operator.- 6 Its Square.- 7 The Heat Kernel Method.- 8 The Heat
Selfsimilarity of "Riemann's nondifferentiable function"
This is an expository article about the series f(x) = 1 X n=1 1 n 2 sin(n 2 x); which according to Weierstrass was presented by Riemann as an example of a continuous function without a derivative. An
Spectra of compact locally symmetric manifolds of negative curvature
Let S be a Riemannian symmetric space of noncompact type, and let G be the group of motions of S. Then the algebra L-~ of G-invariant differential operators on S is commutative, and its spectrum A(S)