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Revising Hegemonic Masculinity: Homosexuality, Masculinity, and Youth-Authored Harry Potter Fanfiction
Abstract: Youth participation in the production and consumption of slash fanfiction (fanfiction that queers texts by depicting homosexual relationships) can be considered revolutionary for a number
“Worlds. . .[of] Contingent Possibilities”: Genderqueer and Trans Adolescents Reading Fan Fiction
Cultural studies scholars have long been interested in the nexus between people’s online activities and their identities. One activity that has drawn attention is reading/writing fan fiction
Who writes Harry Potter fan fiction? Passionate detachment, "zooming out," and fan fiction paratexts on AO3
Who reads and writes fan fiction—and why—has long been a central concern of fan studies. Indeed, many of the foundational works in the field of fan studies aim to answer this question. These early
Multilinguals and Extensive Reading: Two Multilinguality Portraits of Learners of Norwegian.
This paper presents an exploratory-interpretive study of two multilingual adults acquiring Norwegian through extensive reading. The study examined social and cognitive aspects of language
Fan translations of SKAM: Challenging Anglo linguistic and popular cultural hegemony in a transnational fandom
The transnational success of the Norwegian multimedia series SKAM is unique in the Scandinavian context and a prime example of how fans’ translation, communication, and dissemination practices can