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An Assessment of the Systematics of Arvicanthine Rodents Using Mitochondrial DNA Sequences: Evolutionary and Biogeographical Implications
Mitochondrial DNA sequences of cytochrome b (1140-bp), 12S (375-bp) and 16S (475-bp) ribosomal RNA gene fragments were used to investigate the phylogenetic relationships of a group of African rodentsExpand
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A molecular perspective on the systematics and evolution of the genus Arvicanthis (Rodentia, Muridae): inferences from complete cytochrome b gene sequences.
Systematics of the genus Arvicanthis, the African unstriped grass rat, are somewhat controversial. Most recent taxonomic revisions list five to six species but the definition of some of theseExpand
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Patterns of karyotype evolution in complexes of sibling species within three genera of African murid rodents inferred from the comparison of cytogenetic and molecular data
Here we report on the analysis of three rodent sibling species complexes belonging to the African genera Arvicanthis, Acomys and Mastomys. Using cytogenetic and molecular approaches we set out toExpand
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Characterization of two distinct species of Arvicanthis (Rodentia: Muridae) in West Africa: cytogenetic, molecular and reproductive evidence
The unstriped grass rat, Arvicanthis Lesson 1842, is one of the most common genera of murid rodents in African savannas. However, from a systematic viewpoint, very little is known about this group.Expand
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Chromosomal characterization of Arvicanthis species (Rodentia, Murinae) from western and central Africa: implications for taxonomy
A chromosome study of unstriped grass rats of the genus Arvicanthis (Rodentia, Murinae) in western and central Africa is presented. The observations extend the data available to 242 specimens from 59Expand
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Phylogeny and historical demography of economically-important rodents of the genus Arvicanthis (Mammalia: Muridae) from the Nile Valley: of mice and men
The present study clarified the taxonomy, phylogeny and historical demography of semicommensal Nile rats (Arvicanthis) from the Nile Valley in Sudan. Nile rats are important crop pests and zoonoticExpand
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Comparative chromosome analysis (R- and C-bands) of two South African murid species, Lemniscomys rosalia and Rhabdomys pumilio (Rodentia, Murinae)
We carried out a comparative chromosome analysis (R- and C-bands) on two South African murid rodent species, Lemniscomys rosalia and Rhabdomys pumilio, whose banded karyotypes are reported here forExpand
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