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The Czech registry of renal biopsies. Occurrence of renal diseases in the years 1994-2000.
BACKGROUND This report describes data collected by the Czech Registry of Renal Biopsies (CRRB). METHODS Twenty-eight centres provided data on all biopsies of native kidneys performed in the CzechExpand
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Greenhouse gas emissions from a constructed wetland—Plants as important sources of carbon
Abstract Gas emissions (CO2, CH4, N2O) were studied in situ from the treatment bed of a constructed wetland with horizontal subsurface flow planted with Phragmites australis. The system treatedExpand
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Prevalence of mutations in renal developmental genes in children with renal hypodysplasia: results of the ESCAPE study.
Renal hypodysplasia (RHD) is characterized by a reduced nephron number, small kidney size, and disorganized renal tissue. A hereditary basis has been established for a subset of affected patients,Expand
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Spectrum of steroid-resistant and congenital nephrotic syndrome in children: the PodoNet registry cohort.
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome is a rare kidney disease involving either immune-mediated or genetic alterations of podocyte structure and function. The rare nature,Expand
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Strict blood-pressure control and progression of renal failure in children.
BACKGROUND Although inhibition of the renin-angiotensin system delays the progression of renal failure in adults with chronic kidney disease, the blood-pressure target for optimal renal protection isExpand
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Genetic screening in adolescents with steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome.
Genetic screening paradigms for congenital and infantile nephrotic syndrome are well established; however, screening in adolescents has received only minor attention. To help rectify this, weExpand
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Redox potential dynamics in a horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetland for wastewater treatment: Diel, seasonal and spatial fluctuations
Abstract Redox potential was measured in a treatment bed of a constructed wetland (CW) with subsurface horizontal flow used for municipal wastewater treatment. CW was situated in the Czech Republic,Expand
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Control of hypertension in children after renal transplantation
Abstract: The aim of this cross‐sectional single‐center study was to investigate the efficacy of hypertension control in children who underwent transplantation using ambulatory blood pressure (BP)Expand
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Influence of summer flood on the net ecosystem exchange of CO2 in a temperate sedge-grass marsh
Abstract Characteristics of CO 2 –C exchange were studied in a temperate herbaceous wetland in 2006 and 2007, years with contrasting hydrological regimes. The wetland Mokre Louky (the “Wet Meadows”Expand
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Cross-spectrally coherent ~10.5- and 21-year biological and physical cycles, magnetic storms and myocardial infarctions*
Magnetic storms trigger myocardial infarctions with mechanisms relating to heart rate variability. Solar cycle-to-solar cycle differences and solar cycle stage dependence shown herein may resolveExpand
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