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A Human Mitochondrial Ferritin Encoded by an Intronless Gene*
Ferritin is a ubiquitous protein that plays a critical role in regulating intracellular iron homoeostasis by storing iron inside its multimeric shell. It also plays an important role in detoxifyingExpand
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Human Mitochondrial Ferritin Expressed in HeLa Cells Incorporates Iron and Affects Cellular Iron Metabolism*
Mitochondrial ferritin (MtF) is a newly identified ferritin encoded by an intronless gene on chromosome 5q23.1. The mature recombinant MtF has a ferroxidase center and binds ironin vitro similarly toExpand
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Mitochondrial ferritin expression in erythroid cells from patients with sideroblastic anemia.
The sideroblastic anemias are characterized by ring sideroblasts, that is, red cell precursors with mitochondrial iron accumulation. We therefore studied the expression of mitochondrial ferritinExpand
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Mitochondrial ferritin: a new player in iron metabolism.
Mitochondrial ferritin (MtF) is a novel H-type ferritin encoded by an intronless gene on chromosome 5q23.1. The protein is synthesized as a precursor of about 30 kDa that is targeted to mitochondriaExpand
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Cloning, characterization, expression, and chromosomal localization of a human ferritin heavy-chain gene.
A genomic phage clone containing a full-length copy of a functional human gene for ferritin heavy chain has been isolated. The gene consists of four exons spanning approximately 3 kilobases and hasExpand
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Isolation and characterization of a cDNA clone for human ferritin heavy chain.
Ferritin, the main iron-storage protein, is composed of two partially homologous subunits, heavy (H) and light (L), with MrS of 21,000 and 19,000, respectively. We have isolated a cDNA clone forExpand
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Ferritin synthesis in differentiating Friend erythroleukemic cells.
We have investigated the regulation of ferritin synthesis during induction of Friend erythroleukemic cells by dimethyl sulfoxide. Northern blot analysis shows that mouse ferritin H and L mRNAs eachExpand
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Genes for the ‘H’ subunit of human ferritin are present on a number of human chromosomes
SummaryDNa has been extracted from hamster-human and mouse-human hybrid cell lines, restricted with EcoRI, and hybridised to a probe for the H subunit of human ferritin, pDBR2. Sequences highlyExpand
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Chimerism in PCR products from a multigene family.
This paper describes a potential hazard in obtaining sequences of a multigene family by amplifying the mixed population by the polymerase chain reaction with primers from conserved sequences. WeExpand
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An update on iron metabolism: Summary of the Fifth International Conference on Disorders of Iron Metabolism
HHC is the most common inherited metabolic disease among the white population worldwide, with a gene frequency of about 10% and a frequency of homozygosity of about 1 of 250. Many patients harbor aExpand
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