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Conundrums of a complex vector for invasive species control: a detailed examination of the horticultural industry
Examination of the horticultural trade as a vector for invasive species, its agents, and the complexity of the distribution channel finds involvement and education of consumers may provide better oversight outcomes by addressing the moral hazard problem while acknowledging the key characteristics of the industry. Expand
An economic evaluation of the roots and fruits of intellectual property rights for U.S. horticultural plants
University of Minnesota Ph.D. dissertation. May 2010. Major: Agricultural and Applied Economics. Advisor: Phillip Pardey. 1 computer file (PDF); viii, 304 pages, appendices A-E.
The evolving landscape of plant varietal rights in the United States, 1930–2008
The types of plants being protected, by whom and by what form of varietal right, has changed markedly since the United States first enabled intellectual property protection for plant varieties inExpand
The myth of female sexual dysfunction and its medicalization
My paper discusses and challenges the essentialist view that female sexual dysfunction is a medical disorder which will be cured once a drug has been developed. Lack of sexual desire in women can beExpand
Premiums and Discounts for Plant Patents and Trademarks Used on Ornamental Plant Cultivars: A Hedonic Price Analysis
By controlling plant-specific attributes and a variety of market variables that might affect plant values, the empirical analysis reveals sizable price premiums for plant patents that may have been masked in other studies. Expand
The Evolving Landscape of IP Rights for Plant Varieties in the United States, 1930-2008
The United States was the first country in the world to explicitly offer intellectual property protection for plant varieties. Beginning in 1930, asexually reproduced plants were afforded plantExpand
Clearing the Cervical Spine in a War Zone: What Other Injuries Matter?
Physical examination of multitrauma casualties with neck injury may be unreliable when distracting injuries are present, and when no distracting injuries were present, the physical examination was accurate in all patients. Expand
Erratum to: Conundrums of a complex vector for invasive species control: a detailed examination of the horticultural industry
The increasing importance of the horticultural industry pathway is highlighted and gardening has increased in popularity where average household spending for lawn and garden products reached $35.102 million in 2007 (Butterfield 2008). Expand