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Biosecurity Versus Profits: A Multiobjective Model for the Aquaculture Industry
In this study, we measure the value of sanitary restrictions in terms of forgone profits. For this, we model the short-run trade-off between biosecurity and profits in the aquaculture industry.Expand
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Effort Optimisation in Artisanal Fisheries with Multiple Management Objectives, Collective Quotas and Heterogeneous Fleets
In this study, we analyse effort optimisation in common rights-based joint-stock artisanal fisheries when several objectives are pursued by the authorities and the fleets are heterogeneous. TheExpand
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What can we learn from a sanitary crisis? The ISA virus and market prices
ABSTRACT We analyzed whether a competitive market can behave non-competitively when it is temporarily outside of its long-run equilibrium trajectory. Our data sample allowed us to examine theExpand
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Compliance in Artisanal Fisheries: Do Morality, Legitimacy, and Peer Effects Matter?
ABSTRACT We study the compliance behavior of artisanal fishermen in central-southern Chile. Our empirical analysis explores the role of individual morality, perception of legitimacy, and peer effectsExpand
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Salmon farming vulnerability to climate change in southern Chile: understanding the biophysical, socioeconomic and governance links
1 Interdisciplinary Center for Aquaculture Research (INCAR), Concepci on, Chile 2 Departamento de Qu ımica Ambiental, Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad Cat olica de la Sant ısima Concepci on,Expand
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Exploring typologies of artisanal mussel seed producers in southern Chile
Abstract Aquaculture is one of the most dynamic food production systems in the world, with a fast expansion, especially in developing countries. Among this sector, the Chilean mussel industry hasExpand
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Effect of social networks on the economic performance of TURFs: The case of the artisanal fishermen organizations in Southern Chile
The effect of social capital on the economic performance of artisanal fishermen organizations that work under a Territorial Use Rights in Fisheries (TURF) system was tested using the social networksExpand
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The performance of shared fish stock fisheries under varying institutional and socioeconomic conditions: Evidence from the South Eastern Pacific Anchoveta Fishery
Abstract We apply the Fishery Performance Indicators (FPIs) methodology to the Southeast Pacific Anchoveta Fishery off southern Peru and northern Chile. Our basic model of analysis is a productionExpand
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Market integration and price leadership: The U.S. Atlantic salmon market
When markets are integrated and the law of one price holds, prices confronted by different producers should tend to uniformity, in the long run, allowance is made for differences in quality and tra...