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Globalization and the State in Central and Eastern Europe: The Politics of Foreign Direct Investment
Introduction 1. Understanding convergence towards the competition state: The transnational constitution of domestic politics 2. The rise of the competition state: Towards the Porterian workfareExpand
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Transition Economies: Political Economy in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia
Introduction Part I: The political economy of state socialism Chapter 1: The system of state socialism Chapter 2: The successes and failures of central planning Chapter 3: From reform to breakdownExpand
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The Investment-Promotion Machines: The Politics of Foreign Direct Investment Promotion in Central and Eastern Europe
Abstract A variety of foreign-led economies emerged in Central and Eastern Europe in the late 1990s. State economic strategies in the Visegrad Four region (V4) of the Czech Republic, Hungary,Expand
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International Integration, Varieties of Capitalism, and Resilience to Crisis in Transition Economies
This article offers a comprehensive analysis of the different effects of the economic crisis from 2008 across all transition economies with a testable framework that relates vulnerability to specificExpand
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Varieties of Capitalism, Varieties of Vulnerabilities: Financial Crisis and its Impact on Welfare States in Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States
This paper investigates the implications of the 2008 financial crisis on welfare states and the capitalist diversity in the post-communist world, including Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth ofExpand
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Jacutingaite, Pt 2 HgSe 3 , is a new species of platinum-group mineral discovered at the Caue iron-ore deposit, Itabira district, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Observed in a polished section, the mineral isExpand
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Labour’s legal resources after 2004
This article investigates the influence of the European Union (EU) on legal resources available to labour to tackle labour market challenges in Central and Eastern European countries after theirExpand
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Averting the Funding-Gap Crisis: East European Pension Reforms since 2008
This paper analyses the post-2008 pension reforms in Central and East European Countries. The economic crisis revealed the unresolved problems in the implementation of previous reforms: the financingExpand
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International Integration and the Structure of Exports in Central Asian Republics
Two European political economists examine the restructuring of external relations of the Central Asian republics (CARs) after the disintegration of the Soviet Union by focusing on the structures ofExpand
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After transition: Varieties of political-economic development in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union
This review article discusses the state of the art on varieties of capitalism in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.
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