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Saviours of the Nation: Serbia's Intellectual Opposition and the Revival of Nationalism
This text illustrates the elaboration of an anti-Yugoslav ideology, the transformation of dissident politics into a platform for Serbian "state" rights and the search for a programme on reforming theExpand
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State Collapse in South-Eastern Europe: New Perspectives on Yugoslavia's Disintegration
"State Collapse in Southeastern Europe: New Perspectives on Yugoslavia's Disintegration" is a multidisciplinary approach exploring the historical antecedents and the dynamic process of Yugoslavia'sExpand
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History of a Failure: Attempts to Create a National Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1997–2006
Several initiatives to create a national Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) for Bosnia and Herzegovina were launched between 1997 and 2006, but none came to fruition. This article explains theExpand
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Apologising for Srebrenica: the declaration of the Serbian parliament, the European Union and the politics of compromise
In March 2010, the Serbian parliament adopted a declaration on Srebrenica as a formal apology for the 1995 genocide committed by the Bosnian Serb Army and paramilitary units of Serbia's Ministry ofExpand
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Rethinking Yugoslavia: Serbian Intellectuals and the ‘National Question’ in Historical Perspective
This article examines the evolving concepts of the state among Serbian intellectuals since the nineteenth century, and then focuses on their final attempt at conceptualising a new and reformedExpand
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Book Review: Ideology, Legitimacy and the New State. Yugoslavia, Serbia and Croatia
Yugoslavia. None of this of course excuses the use of ethnic cleansing in support of their aims. Lukic is accurate, if harsh, in his portrayal of the rise of Serbian nationalism, pointing inExpand