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Representing 'race' : racisms, ethnicities and media
'Race' and Ethnicity Definitions and Issues Research on Racism, Ethnicity and Media Racism and the Media of the Extreme Right Violence, 'Race' and Media Comparative Perspectives The DistinctiveExpand
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The realities of virtual play: video games and their industry in China
In this study, ‘video game’ is an umbrella term for arcade games, console games, single PC games and online games. Video games have a 20-year history in China and continually impress us with theirExpand
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Audiences and Readers of Alternative Media: The Absent Lure of the Virtually Unknown
Reasons for the virtual absence of research in this area are proposed, and contrasts between users of conventional media and alternative media audiences suggested, along with a political ethics ofExpand
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Radical media: the political experience of alternative communication
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Radical Media: Rebellious Communication And Social Movements
PART ONE: CONCEPTS - RADICAL MEDIA INTERSECT MEDIA THEORY Popular Culture, 'Audiences' and Radical Media Power, Hegemony, Resistance Social Movements, the Public Sphere, Networks Community,Expand
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Social Movement Theories and Alternative Media: An Evaluation and Critique
The urgent need for a dialogue about concepts Social movements matter the constructive ones, the dangerous ones, and the confused ones. Their study has taken on considerable life over the past 20–25Expand
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Internationalizing media theory
Media theory has been too narrowly conceptualized within the experiences of British and American scholars. Because the United States and Great Britain are the two countries where most media researchExpand
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The Sage handbook of media studies
Introduction - McQuail Prolegomena Communication Ethics - Christians Alternative Media for Social Change - Gumucio International Communication - Sinclair Comparing Media: the USA, UK and Iran -Expand
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Encyclopedia of social movement media
This one-volume encyclopedia features around 250 essays on the varied experiences of social movement media over the planet in the 20th and 21st centuries. Thematic essays address selected issues suchExpand
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Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
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